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Scent Note:


  • Perfect For: Housewarming, gatherings, kitchen, bath, office, citrus-lovers, forest-lovers. 
  • Burn Time: 45-50 hours
  • Size: 3.5" x 3.25" (wax volume: 8oz)

Côte Californie (California Coast) captures the true beauty and essence of the California central coast. This vibrantly fresh edition was born from the memories made driving up the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to Big Sur. Sparkling citrus notes blend with sea salt and linen. Notes of cedar cypress and eucalyptus ground the senses. Revel in the liberating allure of California’s iconic ocean and its surrounding majestic mountains.

  • Ensure Your Candle Burns Evenly.
  • Keep the Candle Clean.
  • Trim the Candle's Wick.
  • Minimize Mess When Putting Out Your Candle.
  • Retire Your Candle With Wax in It.
  • Store Candles in a Cool, Dark Place.
  • Do Let It Burn for About 3 to 4 Hours at a Time.
  • Don't Put It in a Windy Spot.

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