So you've reached the end of your LAIT candle, how sad. Before you think about throwing it out though, allow us the opportunity to share a few tips for cleaning out your vessel!

One of the reasons why we love soy wax is because it is easy to clean. Warm water and soap will clean any candle residue. Stop burning the candle when there is 1/2" of wax left in the glass. After the candle has cooled, place the glass in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Once hardened, take a spoon or knife and gently press down to poke the wax which should lift it from the glass. Wash the glass with dishwashing liquid to reuse.

Once thoroughly washed and labels are removed, it may also be used as a drinking glass (except for the colored glass and special vessels like cement and marbles). 

You can also soak the candle glass in water and soap overnight. Wipe or peel away the labels and rinse off any wax residue in the glass.

With a new clean jar, the repurposing possibilities are endless! Stay tuned for our new post detailing a few of the ways we LOVE to repurpose our LAIT candles. 

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